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How Long After Having a Baby Would Be Considered Safe to Have a Tummy Tuck and a BBL?

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Question: How long after having a baby would be considered a safe period of time to have a tummy tuck and a Brazilian buttlift?

Answer: You could have surgery as early as 3 months following an uneventful childbirth, but each individual recovers differently.  Therefore, depending upon how you feel and when you return to a stable weight, you may want to schedule consultations with board certified plastic surgeons who are experts at both procedures at about 2 months after delivery of a child. Sometimes, the tummy tuck and Brazilian buttlift can be done at the same time.  Sometimes, the liposuction and BBL is needed before the tummy tuck to produce a better result or to improve the safety. Sometimes the tummy tuck performed before the liposuction and Brazilian buttlift is indicated with patients who have a great deal of skin laxity, hernia, or other conditions.

Dr. Kenneth Benjamin Hughes is an ABPS Board Certified Plastic Surgeon practicing in

Los Angeles, California.



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