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Brazilian ButtLift Los Angeles Questions

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Question: I'm on antibiotics for cellulitis and I have a pre op appointment tomorrow for a BBL.... will surgeon deny me? Answer: Most plastic surgeons will wait to perform surgery until after an infection resolves. It is in your best interest to take care of an infection before surgery to prevent complications with healing. Most plastic surgeons would prefer that patients inform them of any infections. Question: Am I a candidate for a BBL with fat transfer from my lower inner thighs? Male, 30 years old, 130 lb, 5"5. The thinner patient requires an  expert at liposuction to remove as much fat as possible while leaving the skin smooth. This is more dependent upon the individual goals.  I would need to examine you to determine if you have enough fat to reach your final goals.  As long as you maintain the same amount of body fat after the surgery, the buttock will remain improved long term. A: Is it possible to get a flat or close to flat stomach with just a BBL or will I definitely need a tummy tuck plus a BBL? (Photo) You may be able to avoid the TT, but this will depend upon your exam and the precision with which the liposuction is performed for the BBL.  How flat the abdomen will be will depend upon how much fat is removed from the area as well as how you heal.  If you plan to have additional children, you will probably want to postpone the TT.  The rectus diastasis is repaired at the time of the TT and would get stretched if you were to get pregnant again. Make sure that your BMI is close to 30 to lessen the risks of complications during and after the lipo and BBL and to attain maximum results. A: I really don't want a mini/full TT. Will I benefit from just a BBL? (Photo) You may be able to avoid the TT, but this will depend upon your exam and the precision with which the liposuction is performed.  How flat the abdomen will be will depend upon how much fat is removed from the area as well as how you heal.  Unfortunately, no amount of exercise or physical therapy will bring the muscles back together. A: Wisdom tooth removal before BBL? Unless you develop post-operative complications, you should be able to return to normal activities two to three days after the extraction.  Your oral surgeon will be able to tell you if he clears you for the BBL to occur about a month later.  Your PS has already approved of the BBL within the time frame mentioned so you already appear to have the best answer. A: I have spina bifida, can I still get a BBL? Hello, thank you for your question. I recommend you to discuss about this with a board certified plastic surgeon for proper evaluation. A: Am I a candidate for an plus size extended tummy tuck and bbl? Dr. Kenneth Benjamin Hughes performs the liposuction and BBL with tummy tuck combination for many of his patients.  However, if the patients prefer staging the procedures, Dr. Kenneth Hughes usually recommends the liposuction and Brazilian buttlift first, followed by the tummy tuck three to six months later so that the result will be as tight as possible. A tummy tuck addresses both the loose skin and the lax abdominal wall as to give a nice, flat youthful contour to the abdomen.  The tummy tuck also creates a more youthful belly button.  Tummy tuck without muscle repair may make the recovery easier, but, if you have laxity in that area, the result will be better with plication.  In general, the muscles should be brought to anatomic norms. The smaller the separation, the less tightening required and probably the less discomfort. Swelling will occur irrespective of muscle repair, and almost every patient requiring a tummy tuck will benefit from the muscle repair.

Dr. Kenneth Benjamin Hughes places the scar as low as possible. This will be below the level of a C-section scar and almost to the level of the leg crease. With the low scar, the scar can be concealed by virtually any piece of clothing.  The key is how the tension is managed at the end of the tummy tuck. A: Would a BBL even me out and make me look natural and proportionate? It seems that you can benefit from a BBL,  fat can be taken from many different areas (abdomen, sides, back, bra rolls, thighs, arms, etc) depending upon the areas of excess and what your goals may be. Most patients get an immense benefit with maximal liposuction of the abdomen, sides, and back to obtain the smallest waist possible and then maximal fat transfer to the buttocks and hips. The goal is to transfer fat from areas where you find it displeasing to areas in which you would like more volume. Dr. Kenneth Benjamin Hughes offers virtual consultation during the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. Dr. Kenneth Hughes offers both email and Skype consultations. A: Does having psoriasis makes it riskier to get an infection after a BBL? You should likely be able to pursue your surgical desires even with psoriasis. Going through the stress of having the surgery may cause your psoriasis to flare up temporarily.  Consult with your dermatologist or other specialist who is treating your condition for clearance to have the surgery and then schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who can explain any risks associated with surgery.

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