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Bodylift Los Angeles Questions Answered by Dr. Kenneth Benjamin Hughes

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Question: Should I consider a 360 body lift instead of just a tummy tuck after 112 pound weight loss?

Answer: Congratulations on your weight loss, It seems like you would likely benefit from a lower body lift due to the amount of weight loss, though a physical exam would be necessary. Dr. Kenneth Hughes performs many body lifts and body contouring procedures for patients from all over the world.

Question: Does having more body fat (10bs above normal weight, having more love handles) affect the result of a lower body lift?

Answer: Dr. Hughes looks for a body mass index approximating 30 to lessen the risks of complications during and after surgery and to enhance the results of the procedures. It is best to be within 10 pounds of your weight goal for three months prior to a procedure.

Question: Which procedure will give the best results?

Answer: Congratulation on your weight loss.  You can benefit from a lower body lift. Liposuction can sometimes be used along with fat grafting to help enhance the overall results as well.

Question: With a lower body lift, should I get a BBL or gluteal auto augmentation?

Answer: Gluteal autoaugmentation only allows for very modest improvement and the volume increase frequently is not created in the area that would be most advantageous.

Question: Am I a candidate for excess skin removal, a panniculectomy? Or, how much more weight would I have to lose for surgery?

Answer: Dr. Kenneth Hughes typically asks patients to achieve a BMI approximating 30 to lessen the risks for complications during and after surgery and to enhance the results of the procedures. It is best to be within 10 pounds of your goal weight for three to six months prior to a procedure.

Question: Do I need a bra line back lift? What kind of tummy tuck would I need? (photos)

Answer: Tummy tuck can address the skin and abdominal wall laxity in the front of the body.  The loose skin on the back, buttocks, or lateral (outer) thighs can be addressed with a posterior lower body lift.  The tummy tuck and the bra line back lift can be performed at the same time as a lower body lift. Always consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in lower body lifts so that he/she can address the best way to reveal your natural curves.

Question: Lower body lift in Los Angeles: have 2 weeks off work. Can I do tummy tuck (no muscle repair) then do butt lift one week later?

Answer: Staging the two procedures is not recommended and combination surgery should be limited to no more than six hours. The importance of good weight status before the lower body lift and cessation of smoking will minimize the risk of complications.  The recovery time for a complete lower body lift ranges between 6-8 weeks.

Question: Can I get a combined abdominoplasty, thigh lift, breast lift, blepharoplasty with a BMI of 32?

Answer: These procedures can be combined in healthy patients who are at a safe BMI by a board certified plastic surgeon who is an expert at all of these procedures and can keep total surgical time under 6 hours.

Question: Will I need skin excision after a BBL?

Answer: Ideal candidates for liposuction are at or near their ideal weight and will have good skin elasticity. The procedure is intended to remove stubborn pockets of fat that do not respond to regular exercise, so the skin does need to be able to smooth back into place after the procedure is complete. It is also recommended that the procedure be performed on non-smokers, especially since smoking can damage the skin.

Skin laxity issue scan frequently occur in patients after pregnancy or weight loss or poor skin tone in general and patients would be candidates for mommy makeover surgery in some cases. Patients should always be aware that less than optimal skin can create less than optimal results despite optimal surgery being performed. Further skin excision or skin tightening procedures may be necessary in these individuals and this may be fairly obvious to some patients and not so obvious to other patients.

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