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What Determines the Shape of the Buttocks after a Brazilian buttlift (BBL)?

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Question: What determines the shape of your butt after a BBL? Is it just the surgeon's technique?

Answer: The final shape of the buttocks is largely determined by the starting anatomy, the distensibility of the tissues injected, and the surgical skill employed by the plastic surgeon. Significant volume can be added to the buttocks, producing much larger, more projected buttocks. The fat is expertly placed to produce very shapely, custom tailored buttocks.  Even large defects in the buttocks or marked asymmetry can be remedied with this fat transfer technique.

Certain aspects of the buttocks or hips may not be improved as much if the tissues do not allow for much stretch or cannot accommodate the fat that is transferred. In these cases, the final result will be limited by the skin envelope. This is an issue that cannot be completely controlled by the surgeon. Finally, the ability of some patients to heal and retain more of the fat than another patient accounts for differences in shape and result following Brazilian buttlift (BBL).

Dr. Kenneth Benjamin Hughes, Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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