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Too Skinny for a BBL? What about Butt Implants?

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Question: Am I too skinny for a BBL? Should I get butt implants?

Answer: Dr. Kenneth Hughes views gaining weight for a Brazilian buttlift as counterproductive.  If the patient gains weight that is fat, some of the fat will likely be associated with the buttocks. And the surgeon will be able to harvest more fat in general to transfer to the buttocks. However, if the patients then loses weight postoperatively, the buttocks will deflate accordingly. Thus, the weight gain and loss has served no purpose and is certainly not healthy for the patient. In almost every case, Dr.Hughes does not recommend weight gain prior to a BBL. It is far better to maintain a stable weight rather than gain weight.  The thinner patient requires an expert at liposuction to remove as much fat as possible while leaving the skin smooth. There is tremendous difference in skill level among plastic surgeons in fat removal and fat transfer skills.

However, Dr. Hughes does encounter a patient every once in a great while who does not have enough fat and for which a buttock implant would be a better choice. Dr. Hughes frequently offers butt implants and Brazilian buttlift to patients and allows the patients to choose what they would like. Dr. Hughes will perform either procedure as long as patients understand the risks and benefits associated with each procedure and make an informed decision.

Dr. Kenneth Benjamin Hughes, Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon.

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