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Should I Get Rid of Silicone, Hydrogel, or Biopolymers Before Fat Grafting?

There is always a higher risk of infection after these nonsterile components are injected. In addition, you are adding bulk to an area that is not vascularized, which will further increase the chance for infection, poor fat take, and fat necrosis.

Thus, removal of these substances before fat grafting should be done to reduce these risks or complications. One will never be able to remove all of the material, but successful debulking can reduce the risk for infection, etc. in any future surgeries, such as fat grafting.

Unfortunately, I am having to do more and more of these debulking procedures. Open surgery with direct excision is effective as it allows removal of the offending agent without additional or surrounding fat removal or deformity. The material is removed in the first stage. Because the material is typically laden with bacteria means that you run the risk or infection and recurrence of granulomas. A period of 3 months or more of recovery is observed prior to undertaking an additional procedure. A Brazilian buttlift (BBL) can be performed later to improve the appearance.

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