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I have low hemoglobin. Can I have a Brazilian buttlift (BBL)?

Question: I have low hemoglobin. Is it possible to get an iron infusion before a BBL surgery this month?

Answer: Have your labs to determine that the hemoglobin is indeed low, particularly if you have never had a diagnosis of anemia. In most cases, the anemia is an iron-deficiency anemia and introduction of oral or parenteral iron can improve the anemia over a period of time. In most cases, oral iron is effective and can bring the hemoglobin levels to optimal levels.  If the oral absorption of iron is poor, iron infusions can be utilized to bring the hemoglobin levels up. If the hemoglobin levels remain low, ask your plastic surgeon if the BBL surgery should be postponed until the hemoglobin levels reach a satisfactory level.  In some unusual cases of iron-deficiency anemia, the replacement of the iron can be very difficult and can lead to suboptimal hemoglobin levels no matter the intervention or method of administration. It is also very important that an individual with a lower hemoglobin be diagnosed correctly as there are many reasons for a lower hemoglobin other than iron deficiency.

Dr. Kenneth Benjamin Hughes, ABPS Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, practicing in

Los Angeles, California.

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