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I Am 50 years old. Am I Too Old for a Brazilian buttlift (BBL)?

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Question: I'm 50 and want a BBL and breast lift with implants. When is it too late to do that?

Answer: Your age by itself will not prevent you from having these procedures or achieving lasting results.  Your general health, genetics, exercise habits, dietary habits, weight, and other factors must be considered.  Most plastic surgeons prefer that the BMI be near 30 and a stable weight maintained for several months prior to the surgery to lower the risks of complications during and after surgery and to provide maximum results. 

Liposuction will remove the excess fat on your sides, abdomen, and back and make the waist as small as possible. The fat harvested can be transferred to the buttocks to improve roundness and projection as well as hourglass shape.  The breast lift with breast implants can also be performed at a later time if desired or with the liposuction and Brazilian buttlift.

Dr. Kenneth Benjamin Hughes, Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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