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Does a Mommy Makeover Include a Brazilian buttlift (BBL)?

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Question: Does a mommy makeover include a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Answer: The mommy makeover traditionally included a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. Obviously, the term mommy makeover is ambiguous as it could refer to any procedures to improve a given physique. Different patients will have different desires for improvement and be candidates for different procedures.

The mommy makeover procedures can be tailored to your goals and anatomy to produce dramatic results.   Tummy tuck along with liposuction and Brazilian buttlift with breast augmentation and breast lift can be performed at the same time in a healthy individual as long as surgical time is held to under 6 hours. All procedures can be performed at the same time, but the upper abdomen cannot be aggressively liposuctioned at the time of the tummy tuck due to blood supply issues.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes performs these procedures hundreds of times each per year, because many of his patients only want to go through surgery and recovery one time. Additionally, you could stage the procedures with the liposuction and BBL first, followed by the tummy tuck and breast augmentation and breast lift three to six months later. 

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