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Can You Have a BBL If You Have Lupus or Another Autoimmune Disease?

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Question: Can you have a bbl if your diagnosed with lupus or another autoimmune disease?

Answer: This will depend upon the severity of the lupus or any other autoimmune disease. In lupus specifically, certain organ systems of the body may be affected. Any organ damage that the lupus has caused as well as the medications that you take must be evaluated carefully by your rheumatologist before even considering the Brazilian buttlift. You will need medical clearance from your rheumatologist as this disease has a very variable presentation and course.

If you obtain clearance from your rheumatologist, the medications taken will have to evaluated carefully as well to optimize healing and prevent possible wound breakdown or other complications.

Dr. Kenneth Benjamin Hughes, MD, ABPS (American Board of Plastic Surgery) Board Certified, Harvard Trained Plastic Surgeon who has offices and surgery center servicing Los Angeles California.

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