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Brazilian buttlift (BBL) after 75 lb weight loss?

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Congratulations on the 75 pound weight loss!  Sometimes, individuals will have problem areas that are relatively exercise and diet resistant. These are the focus areas for your PS to lipo. Liposuction will remove the excess fat on your sides, abdomen, and thighs and make the waist as small as possible. The fat harvested can be transferred to the buttocks to ensure optimal fat viability and projection.  TT addresses both the loose skin and the lax abdominal wall to give a nice, flat youthful contour to the abdomen.  The TT also creates a more youthful belly button.

You could have the TT done first; then the lipo and BBL.  However, the result will not be as tight as lipo and BBL first and then TT.  Give yourself at least six months to recover from the lipo and BBL before having the TT.

All three can be performed at the same time, but the upper abdomen cannot be aggressively liposuctioned at the time of the TT due to blood supply issues. 

Kenneth Hughes, MD, ABPS Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Los Angeles, CA

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